We have created Albuquerque's first wellness based co-working space.

The Unity Studio blends quiet & natural-light filled work spaces, yoga and meditation breaks, community, collaborative opportunities and more.

At The Unity Studio, you will have the opportunity to work on your yoga practice, meditate in a serene room, demonstrate a nutrition class in our kitchen, get a massage, create lesson plans, hold classes and workshops, relax on our beautiful outdoor patio and use the internet to work on your business.

It's YOUR OFFICE! What do you envision?






Taking a lead from the latest in health & wellness research, The Unity Studio promotes what humans need to be most productive and successful at work...genuine work-life balance. 
We are a community space to work, play, practice, learn & connect. 

Please join us!

Our Story

What We Do


There is a better way to work in which you’re taking care of yourself while you work. The inspiration for The Unity Studio came from our own experience working at coffee shops that just didn’t cut it. We have a desire to invite our community into our space in a deeper way. The Unity Studio is rooted in the idea that life feels better when the walls aren’t so high and firm between our work, our social life, our community, and the wellness practices that support it all.


It's impossible for me to put a value on an environment in which I can not only pursue my non-traditional career, but also carve out my own way within it. I've always dreamed of working in an atmosphere, where we are all writing our own rules and are all supportive of one another’s efforts. At The Unity Studio, whether I am doing my work, connecting with another member or teaching a class or workshop, I’m surrounded by fellow creative people making their own way, using their skills to open eyes & change minds through their wellness business.  It’s a place where you are accepted and valued, both for the work that you do and the way that you choose to do that work.

It is our most precious desire to empower and encourage entrepreneurs to follow their passions, thrive in connection with others, make a positive impact on the world and foster their personal health and well-being.

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